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Welcome to the UsenetWeb project

The software for this project consists of two programs for a usenet <--> web gateway.

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This gateway consists of programs running on a web server that allow users to read usenet messages, post usenet messages, search the messages, etc. from a web browser. No special news reader is required to read usenet with this software.
At the site a similar program can be bought that is non-GPL. The site is running a usenet <--> web gateway with a lot of features. is the example that this GPL software has to beat...

The fetch_usenet program reads the 'config' file, connects to a news server, and fetches all new news articles. All these articles are stored uncompressed in directories on the local file system. The news messages are organised in a hierarchical fasion. The top level directory contains directories for all newsgroups. Every newsgroup has a subdirectories in the year/month/day format. In the lowest 'day' directory are all the articles of that day, month, year, and newsgroup stored.

With the program the subdirectories with newsgroups are scanned and shown to the users web browser. With no arguments the user is presented with an overview of all currently retrieved newsgroups and the total amount of articles. From the newsgroup overview the user can click on a newsgroup and see all the threads, and the number of messages currently in that thread. With a single click the user zooms into the thread. The thread is viewed with the standard features such as an ident increase for every level of reply and replies on an article are sorted by date.

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